Asus Eee 901 med 3G stöd

Asus kommer att uppdatera sin populära 901 modell med inbyggt 3G modem. 3G chippet kommer sitta i alla de modeller som skeppas från Asus från och med oktober månad i år.




Coupled with All-day Battery Life, 3.75G Capability Puts Eee PC’s™ Status as the Ultimate Travel Companion Beyond Question

Taipei, Taiwan, September 24, 2008 – ASUS today announced that it will be adding 3.75G connectivity* to its hugely-popular series of Eee PC™ netbooks, enabling convenient and high-speed access to the Internet anytime, anywhere. The inclusion of 3.75G is a perfect addition to the Eee PC’s™ existing set of travel-friendly features such as its high portability, shockproof data storage and all-day battery life—strengthening its reputation as the ultimate solution for computing on the go.

With 3.75G, the Eee PC™ will be able to deliver on its promise of borderless one-day computing better than ever before. No longer bound to Internet hotspots, 3.75G-equipped Eee PC™ users will be able to enjoy low latency mobile broadband Internet access at high downlink and uplink speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps and 2 Mbps** respectively, regardless of where they are—ensuring a seamless connected experience on the go. The Eee PC’s™ 7.5-hour battery life*** provides more than ample power to keep it up and running during extended outdoor excursions.

Frequent travelers will particularly welcome the timely addition of 3.75G support, which comes as service providers around the globe are ramping up their adoption of 3.75G High-Speed Uplink Packet Access (HSUPA). This means that they will be assured of a reliable, high-speed mode of Internet access in many destinations around the world.

3.75G will make its first appearance in Eee PC™ 901 netbooks released to market from October 2008 onward.




ASUS Eee PC 101 kommer ha 64GB SSD och kosta $899

Rykten om en Eee PC 101 som ska släppas i oktober har börjat läcka ut. Det sägs att det kommer den kommer ut i två storlekar, på 32GB($699) respektive 64GB($899). Skärmstorleken blir 10″ och den väger 1kg. Den kommer dock förmodligen inte vara en Eee model utan bara heta ASUS S101.

Bilden nedan föreställer Eee 101 och den vita är Eee 901.

Meddelandet i sin helhet:

— 10-inch LED backlit screen – piano paint membrane Yang printed above – there are brown, white two – home wrist will be used metal hair profiling material, similar to Sony VAIO – to use Intel Atom processor – no built-in CD-ROM drive – will use large-capacity SSD, which also is the main reason for higher prices – 32GB SSD models, pricing estimated 699 U.S. dollars (about 21,600 yuan NT) – 64GB SSD models, pricing estimated 899 U.S. dollars (about the new Taiwan 27,800 yuan currency) – the fuselage thickness of about 2.2 cm (MacBook Air to 1.9 cm) – the whole machine weighs about 1 kilogram (MacBook Air 1.3 kg)

Because this product are not made public, the specifications have not been officially confirmed the information, we are currently only available for reference. But can confirm is that this high-priced Atom T, will not be used Eee brand, but will be used to Asus brand. Rumors in the model will be the Asus S101.

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